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my dash is telling me something


my dash is telling me something

Anonymous asked: "Because it's almost a year after the first fandom hunger games, I think you should reboot them. I liked them very much. You should really consider rebooting them"

The games went way out of control, and were extremely hard to deal with and extremely time consuming.  I would totally reboot them.  Unfortunately, I have a lot of things I need to do now and during this coming summer.

I think that the former mods agree that we will definitely not make another Fandom Games, period.  We aren’t stopping you guys from making your own, though!  Actually, we’d love to see other blogs based off of ours.  Plus, I’m sure you could get some fandom cooperation with all of the fandomstuck stuff going on recently.

There is another blog doing something similar based on our original games, if you would like to check that out.

I’m really sorry since this probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but I have to lay it down straight.

-Mod Audrey (I’m probably now in charge of this dead blog)

I also want to say that this blog is dead, too.  Feel free to follow, but there aren’t going to be any updates!

-Former Admin Audrey

Anonymous asked: "It's very quiet these days..."

Acute observation, Anon.

We have quite a bit to deal with behind the scenes.


Anonymous asked: "I understand the hunger status, but it seems to me that it was a bit abbreviated. Really, a person cannot starve in ONE day. Dott didn't even make it a full 24 hours before she died. I'm not saying that you should put her back in the games, I just think that the hunger status should slow down a bit. Maybe have it go from well fed to hungry in the first twelve hours but then have it take several days to go to starving? Just a thought."

It also wasn’t that! She also was picked for an Insta-Death! 

So even if the hunger didn’t get to her, the Death thing did.

But we’ll think about it.


ladoniaart asked: "Can we see a journey through the arena as the tributes die?"

Just posted it! It’s on the same post as the tributes death announcement.

Anonymous asked: "Did anyone die at the cornucopia?"

I don’t believe so-we had enough tickets on each tribute that if they got wounded they could continue.


Anonymous asked: "You guys keep changing too many of the game's conditions and rules! It's getting irritating to say the least."

I’m sorry. But this is our first game! We are trying to perfect it. And before the instant-death nothing was happening! No one was dying. We come across a problem like that, and we find the solution. We don’t just go around making new rules for the sake of it.

I believe that if we adjust and perfect the games then by the second round we will no longer need to change the rules. But as I said, right now the games are a work in progress.


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Anonymous asked: "Just to add. You could possibly have a game in which you ask each fandom a question with 3 or so answers. Whichever gets the most re-blogs is the chosen answer. That way everyone is involved, you're not calling all the shots and picking favourites. All answers should have a determined outcome. This means you could ask questions that lean more towards a certain fandoms interests to let skills shine and also will naturally cut short the lives of some that may not know as much in one area."

That is how all of our prompts are. We write these prompts knowing what will happen based on what the tribute answers (ahead of time). We give the tribute a choice. When we write the prompts we know that down “path a” there is a nothing and the tribute will be fine. But “path b” leads into a rockslide.

We don’t come up with on the fly bad things to happen because we like one tribute more than the other.

For instance, if you follow 1.2 (link here). Week One Day Six: I knew that the monkeys ran away because there was a panther in the tree. If Techy did anything other than collect mangoes from the tree then she would have not encountered the panter. But Techy did choose to collect the mangoes, and as such she triggered the panther attack I had planned.

Or follow 2.1 (link here). The fight between 2.1 and 1.1 was determined by a best 2/3 coin toss (as all of our fights are). However, as 1.1 had a weapon she was automatically given one toss in her favor. It was the luck of the draw (the two remaining tosses) that led 2.1 to winning that fight. I did not in any way decided that since 2.1 represents Avatar she would win (as I am an Avatar fan).

I hope that might restore some of your faith in the way that we do things.

I would like to include the fandoms more, but prompting is already extremely complicated and time consuming. If you would like to talk to me personally (off anon) I would love to hear exactly how you think that we could make this work.


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Anonymous asked: "Well, if you're just going to kill people off how do we know you won't just keep your fandom alive? Lol. This was a nice idea but let's face it, it's a bit of a mess. I think the rules need some re-thinking and also a way to keep the whole fandom entertained rather than the handful selected. Sorry to sound so negative, I think think you had a great idea it just needs some work! x"

For the record, I picked these tributes by asking my boyfriends younger brother (age 10), who knows nothing about the FHG’s or what the numbers were for, to pick two numbers between 1 and 13. I figured that would be pretty fair. Then I used a coin toss: heads denoting the 1st tribute, and tails the 2nd.

That is how we came up with the two tributes to die. And what you are suggesting (about keeping your fandom alive) is something that we could have done before. Prompters could keep their tributes alive easily. WE OBVIOUSLY DON’T DO THIS. Seriously. We don’t. Everything is based off of third party randomness (like coin tosses and such).

And… this is the first game we have ever done. There are going to be bumps in the road. There are going to be problems. And things are going to change. But I don’t see how someone from a different fandom couldn’t also enjoy these games. We don’t incorporate the fandoms as much as you would think. It’s a lot more roleplay based than fandom based.

But I guess that is just my thinking. Anyway, keep suggesting things! We love feedback.